Hasraf    'HaZ' Dulull

A Visual Effects Creative and Director in the Motion Pictures Industry. Nominated for several Visual Effects Society (VES) Awards for his Visual Effects Supervision work. He transitioned into Writing Directing with his sci-fi short - 'Project Kronos' earning him representation and status as an emerging film maker. HaZ is currently developing a slate of original feature film and TV properties and is managed by Scott Glassgold of IAM Entertainment.

Following Kronos, HaZ released two proof of concept short films ( SYNC and IRIS) which he wrote, produced and directed, both demonstrating his style of grounded, visceral yet intelligent sci-fi story- telling which feel big in scale yet produced on a tight budget in a contained filmmaking approach.

HaZ Film is the trading name of HaZ VFX Ltd., an incorporated company based in London that already offers visual effects supervision and VFX consultancy.